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What's this campaign setting?
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Thread: What's this campaign setting?

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    Question What's this campaign setting?

    A place where you can list campaign settings you're curious about, and have your curiosities answered by others experienced in said campaigns.

    I'll start: The Hunt: Rise of Evil (d20 RPG)?

    Anyone have any experiences or opinions with this game they'd wish to share?
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    dumb one, but don't care

    I have played D&D for a long time, but it was always either a homebrew world or based off the real world (greece was main place, gnomes were egyptian, halflings were jewish [yes Jesus was a hafling], and so on).

    My question is, can someone give me short summary of forgotten realms. Why are they forgotten, why are they so popular, why are FR games (i know part of the lingo) so restrictive in terms of races/classes available, what sets FR apart from other D&D worlds, etc...

    I am too lazy to read the fluff in my FR player's guide (purchased for swordmage class, essentially).
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