It is a wilderness game which means most of or all of the game happens out in the wilds of the land. The setting is Vassa in Forgotten Realms. After running for a while now and have discovered that it is very much a Dungeon crawl with out the dungeon though.

Races: Most are welcome no Drow so donít ask. I am not very
strict on the racial restrictions for class levels, or if your racial bonus would make you exceed your Attribute cap.

Classes: Most are welcome no I am not a big fan of psioncis.

Alignments: I leave up to your discretion just know that you actions can change your alignment and if your alignment is to far to one side or the other it might make I hard for you to get along with other members of the group.

STATS: The stats will not be split up into sub-categories like in S&P. They will be the standard stats as listed in the 2nd Ed Players Handbook, and will be rolled using 4D6, reroll all 1s, drop the lowest die, and arrange to taste.

Proficiencies: I play with both weapon and no-weapon. You can buy the ones from the general list or from you class list with no penalty and ones from other classes the cost is one more. Non-weapon prophecies can also be used to purchase weapon prophecies to show your extensive training in weapons and not other worldly affairs. I also use the secondary skill to help give you some real depth because no one starts there life as a warrior or a mage.

Languages: You start with your racial language and the regional common dialect. You also get the bonus languages for your inelegance that can be used for free languages like the non-weapon proficiency or can be used just like any other non-weapon proficiency.

SPELL CASTING: I will be using the material component rule in my campaign to a certain extent. If your mage doesn't have 1000 GP worth of diamond dust, he can't cast Stone Skin you can however edge some of the cost off of compotes like this. I donít want you to not to be able to cast your spells but I do want it to be challenging for you at the same time, it should be hard for you to get off multiple stone skin spells. Wizards will as be given a set amount of starting spells that will be in their book, the rest will have to be found or bought

EXPERIENCE: Everyone will start off at 5th level. Experience will be awarded for killing, the extra for solo killing for fighters, stealing treasure, backstabbing, lock picking, and find and remove traps (and some of the other skills only in certain situations) for thieves, spells only when they are cast successfully and serve a purpose (no casting to level up), and then you get exp for being creative and or impressing me.

Religion: I am a firm believer in the fact that the gods can take a hand in the life of mortals and most mortals follow one or more gods so I encourage you pick one or more god that would be suited for character, you donít have to choice one if you donít want to there are a small amount of people that donít worship any god.

Money: Everyone starts with max money to by equipment with.

If your interested message me a character idea it does not have to be a finished character just an idea and days and time you can play so I can coordinate with everyone else.