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Thread: Characters

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    Inquisitor Mordecai Toth
    Mordecai Toth is a member of the Ordo Malleus, the Daemon Hunters of the Inquisition. He is a staunch puritan, and a very cliché Inquisitor - suspicious of everyone, uncaring of the individual, and willing to use any means necessary to destroy the foes of the Emperor. He is known for his up-front methods of persecution, where he has been known to comandeer entire battlegroups of star ships to chase a single cutter. However, less known is his amazing penchant for secrecy - so brilliant is he, that even most amongst his own order do not know of his genius, for he has chosen to hide it even from them. He uses the best equipement available to him, including a daemon hammer named Godsplitter, which contains a shard of the sword of an Eldar Avatar of Khaine. Also, Toth is a powerful psyker, knowledgeable in the fields of Daemonology and Telepathy.

    Steven Thomas
    Steven is a Gamma level Astropath and Navigator. He is able to transmit psychic messages across the galaxy, guide any ship he is connected to through Warp-Space, perform auto-seance, scry for targets who's psychic signiature he knows, and detect danger before it happens. He is completely bald, making use of neural uplinks easier, and he is thin and frail, having lost his appetite for proper nourishment after feeling the taste of the warp power.

    These two characters will not be playable, but may take part in certain missions, in which case they will be controlled by me. Toth is the Inquisitor you will be apprenticed to, giving you the option to be any type of fighter or investigator you wish, from the most subtle of assasins, to the most blunt of soldiers. Once I know how many players I will have, and what type of character they want, i will write the rest.

    Main options are:
    close combat,
    ranged combat,
    special ability (like, mines, traps and stuff),
    anti-psyker (if you chose that, you can add a different class as well, because it isn't very good in game on it's own),
    technology specialis
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    For room reasons, I deleeted a few PM's. Unfortunatly, one of them was your list of possible charater types. Could you list them here? I am thinking I might try a tech psycker como like you suggested. With out the rules, I may need a list of the allowed skills or what ever else we would need.
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