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Thread: Characters

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    2nd level changes:
    New Utility Power: Life Transference
    New Feat: Implement Expertise (Holy Symbol)
    Retraining: Divine Glow will be retrained for Exacting Utterance

    Explanation of the changes:

    Life Transference: Thematically, Life Transference was chosen because it makes Yrisz more like her mentor, who is a paladin (think of it as a beefy slow acting Lay on Hands). Game-wise I was thinking that we might be running short on healing surges during the next encounter, so Yrisz might be able to help characters who get low by offering her own.

    Implement Expertise: Unfortunately, I think this feat is a no-brainer for 4e characters. I will not get back into the semantics on why I think this way, but it is as I said it. Also, I'm hoping that this will help Yrisz hit things, as she has been having a rough time of that even with modestly good rolls.
    Thematically, I think that these encounters have been Yrisz's first real experience in actual combat. Oh there had been bandits on the road and stuff like that, but then she had a tough (higher level) paladin to rely on. Now she's acting without as much of a safety net (though I'm not saying that you guys haven't done a great job protecting her, as I've noted she hasn't been even nicked sense the fight with E). I think her prayers are now a good bit more genuine, she less rushed, and less likely to get panicked as she get caught up into the fog of war.

    Exacting Utterance: I know I told you Umi that I would switch out Recovery Strike for Lance of Faith at this level. I stand by my disgust with post-Nurfed Recovery Strike (barley better then a basic attack), however it does lend Yrisz a paladin trained feel, so it works thematically (also she's all about healing). As for Divine Glow it is by far the best of the 1st level Cleric Encounter powers. Mass damage, minion control, and party buffing, what isn't there to love. But, it's hard as snot to use when you can't hurt Bloodied enemies (you guys almost always have somebody Blooded before it gets to Yrisz's 1st round turn). So I decided to switch it to something that I would/could use every fight. Notice you only have to 'attack' her hit target (regardless of whether you hit or not) to get the temp hit points. Keen I think.
    Last edited by Umiushi; 10-03-2010 at 07:47 AM. Reason: changing tense for retraining, changed feat to Implement Expertise

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