hey, things have been CRAZY with my new job. With my old one, I had a bit of free time to play, but it is getting... well crazy.

I absolutely love playing, but I am finding it very difficult to continue.

I'll try and muscle it out until we get to a resolution point (maybe by then things will calm down a bit), but it is fair to say, don't let me hold you up. Maybe you should have let me die back in the Feywild...

This goes for the chat game too. Again, AWESOME game, I love playing in it, but it seems my weekends are consumed with grading quizzes or planning lectures, leaving minimal time with my family. If I was single, it would be different, but I feel they barely see me as it is.

I'd bake you a cake if I could Umi. I liked being the only person from the beginning, but I just can't anymore.