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Dungeon Master Guidelines
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Thread: Dungeon Master Guidelines

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    Dungeon Master Guidelines

    The old Guidelines were inadvertently lost when the forum went up, so I'm reposting them now. I am willing to negotiate and reach some consensus on most of these issues. Also, I recognize that it may be necessary to modify them, going forward. I plan to provide clear notice when I change the guidelines.

    First off, these are the Dungeon Master guidelines, or the set of promises that I hope I can remain true to during the course of the game:

    A) I will present a game that I believe will be enjoyable to play in. I don't mean that I'm going to pander to each player's whims. It means that I will not create adventures to only satisfy myself. I will not create adventures that are simply testbeds for avant-garde social experiments. I will not create adventures where the only purpose is to deliver some heavy-handed behavioral lesson.

    B) While I will not censor my content beyond the rules of Pen and Paper Games and my own personal tastes, I also will not ever create content with the purpose of using it to harass a player (as opposed to a character).

    C) I will keep my personal baggage and private issues out of the game. If I cannot do so, I will wrap up the game.

    D) If I find it necessary to criticize or warn a player or the group in a public post, I will endeavor to do it as evenhandedly as possible. I will never, in public or private, write anything with the intention of humiliating a player.

    E) I will respect all the players insofar as they are sincere in their efforts to play in and support the game.

    F) I will attempt to correct my own errors.

    G) I will listen to all criticism. I will respond to criticism in a way appropriate to the manner and spirit in which it was delivered.

    H) I will immediately notify all of the players in the event that I cannot continue the game, as long as I am able to do so.

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