Apologies for delay. Path is badly shaken as mentioned, but he avoids fleeing in panic. Aamonkhad's beam lances it, as does the construct's concussion blast and energy bolt. In both cases, you must make a d20+manifester level against its SR--I assume SR/PR apply to these powers?

In any case, regardless of whatever damage is done, it won't kill the thing. Its misty body surges forward and engulfs the entire party, drawing attacks of opportunity from everyone; remember the 50% miss chance. (It unfortunately ignores the bracers.) {All PCs who wish may take AOOs. The results I'm about to mention assume that the AOOs won't kill it. Note Tina's and Grunther's AOOs below.}

As it engulfs the party, all within feel the chill of the grave. Its continuous, mumbling whispers seem to invade your minds, and you feel your consciousness leeching away from you and into it. Outlines of heads and mouths appear within it momentarily. At the same time, a single tendril of fog lances out at Tina.

In game terms: I need all PCs to make a Will save modified by Int rather than any other stat. (Even if a PC has Force of Personality, it's still Int.) This is not a spell and it's not mind-affecting, but the construct is not affected.

* Tina's miss chance *

* Tina's AOO *

* Tina's damage if hit *

* Tina's Will save *

* Grunther's miss chance *

* Grunther's AOO *

* Grunther's damage *

* Grunther's Will save *

* Creature's touch attack *

* Damage if creature hits Tina *