Adventure 005: The City of Sin

This adventure begins on 21 Ambymont 670 C.Y.

Note: The adventure picks up on the road to the city of Ornyss

Note: Sameth joins the group during this adventure.

While traveling to Ornyss a party of Thunder Falls city guard, sent by the Baroness, catches up with the party. One of the party is a halfling named Sameth joins the party at the Baroness' request, another is a messenger bearing a letter for Lindel Bergen. The letter is from Lindel's master detailing what he knows about the Order of Dark Lighting. This letter makes them even more determined to stop the Order of Dark Lighting.
When the party reaches the city of Ornyss they send Sameth to the gates to run recon of the city. At the city walls Sameth is stopped by two guards, while he is talking to the guards Sameth sees a wanted poster with the descriptions of Mordan, Lucanar, and Bailey. With this discovery Sameth returns to the party and reports what he found out, when the party hears what Sameth found out they decide to go to the neighboring city (8 hours away) of Dragon Port. Entering Dragon Port poses no problems for them and they then spend 4 days in Dragon Port gathering information, purchasing supplies and selling off unwanted swag. The party then departs Dragon Port and returns to the city of Ornyss.
After entering and while they are walking through the city the party encounters a small group of tieflings who mistake Mordan for someone named Despair this encounter is resolved with minimum fuss and no violence (much to my surprise) as Mordan kinda plays along with the tiefling. Later Mordan gets accosted by a group of inebriated humans one of which takes offense to Mordan and tries to start a fight with him. Mordan simply grabs the human and throws him into the street. The 3 other humans that are there are taken by surprise but move to attack Mordan. Lindel casts sleep to stop the trouble but centres it on Mordan rendering him unconscious as well as the 3 humans facing Mordan. The party then picks up Mordan and ties him unconscious on a horse to get away from the scene.
After Mordan wakes up (several minutes later) the party continues to the slave market. As they walk down the party passes a beggar missing an arm, when Bailey gives the beggar some gold the beggar hands her a bag containing Iron Armbands of Power. The beggar also gives them information concerning the city. Afterwards the party continues to the slave market where they bid on a slave lot of 5 humans. The party is bidding against another tiefling (who is not happy about the party bidding against him). When the party leaves town with the slaves and return to Dragon Port. On the outskirts of Dragon Port the party frees the slaves and tells them that the party are not slavers, after gleaning what information they can from the slaves the party returns to the city of Ornyss and speaks to the one armed beggar. The party finds out that Herenan and Seran are holed up in a building on the outskirts of the city near the city wall.
When the party arrives there, dodging a patrol or two, and recon the area and find 3 entrances. Mordan traps 2 of them with Tanglefoot bags and rope. The party stacks itself outside the last door where only Lindel and Mordan can attack and no one else. After the initial strike the party enters the room quickly. The humans in the room form in a line abreast at an angle to help protect Herenan and Seran. Lucanar, Bailey, and Sameth enter and begin melee combat, while Lindel and Mordan provide ranged support. Together Mordan, Lindel, and Lucanar eliminate Seran and Herenan begins retreating towards one of the exits. At this point Lindel casts Icy Terrain eliminating 3 human lackeys opening a gap in the line allowing Lucanar to charge Herenan in an attempt to kill him. Herenan drops into a trap door and runs down a tunnel. Lucanar mad with blood lust gives chase through the tunnel.
Above the rest of the party finishes up the human lackeys and loots the room and gathers around the trapdoor to wait for Lucanar (all except Sameth who goes down into the tunnel after Lucanar). In the tunnel Lucanar encounters Blast Patches and Alchemist's Fire traps and is severely wounded before giving up on the chase (at the urging of Sameth) and returning to the surface and rejoining the party. The party then leaves Ornyss as fast as possible and returns to Dragon Port to plan their next move.

This adventure ends on 3 Ambymont 670 C.Y.