It would be helpful to identify the game(s) we play.

I play D&D v3.5. I've also picked up Talislanta in the last week, and there's no quick way to find others who play Talislanta. Yes I can do a custom search and hope that someone has indicated in their profile that they play, but it is hit-and-miss.

I could imagine a Profile area with a list of games and checkboxes that can be selected by each forum member. The list could include games from the popular to the obscure. "Other" could be for everything else. (Perhaps a separate thread could be used for suggesting games to be included.) Once saved, a member's profile would show the specific games the person plays.

When searching the registry for other players, maybe it could search on a chosen game without any distance limitations. This could allow people to coordinate IRC/IM type games with people who are not local or otherwise physically accessible to each other.

Is this possible? Thanks in advance for considering it.