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Besides, I thought that the DM/GM would be telling the player what they are rolling for. This info would show on the screen for everyone to see, unless the DM/GM sent it to just a particular player via PM in the chat.
Play testing a system where the overall di rolling is very simplified. The combat to hit system uses an extra di for a possible extra effect but varies among Infusion (magic) Melee and ranged hence the question of tagged Di rolls and quick click sets -

Yes the GM would be instructing as usual, but to streamline as a player would use a catergory of combat ie - ranged - Range /roll 1d100;1d10 as from the example above it will allow the GM to immediatly know what type of attack was used and the possible effect result. Cuts down on some of the redundant chatter. But this is a moot point as it is really only based on a test realms system.

--- ty for the response ill look into a setup for the frequent Di roller for play ease.