Adventure 003: Strike At Home

Note: Lindel joined the party during this adventure

This adventure begins on 21 Tymont 670 C.Y.

When the party reaches Thunder Falls, Mordan and Bailey go to their respective houses while Lucanar goes to the Temple of Pelor. The next day Lucanar goes to the Baroness to let her know what has occurred and see if there is anything else has occurred in their absence. When the report is complete the Baroness asks them to continue tracking the raiders and see if there is a way to get rid of them, afterwards Lucanar leaves and while he is walking back to the temple he sees the tattooed man that killed his brother. Lucanar follows the tattooed man to a tavern, after he see where the tattooed man goes Lucanar rushes back to the temple and changes into his female clothes and rushes back to the tavern where the tattooed man is and finds him talking to a hooded man. Lucanar moves to a close table and tries to listen in on their conversation, but there are almost done when Lucanar gets there and is unable to overhear anything of value (he is also unable to identify the hooded man). When the hooded man leaves Lucanar joins the Tattooed Man and begins talking to him to gain information by using a coin with the raiders symbol on it, the gambit fails and the Tattooed man keeps the coin and leaves. Lucanar at that point returns to the temple changes clothes once more and goes to find the rest of the party.
That night the party members awaken to find that their houses are on fire (with them in the houses), the Temple of Pelor is burning as well and as fire fighting begins from the base of the cliff near the water fall there everyone hears a boom, that is Mordan's house exploding from the several barrels of booze he keeps (Mordan did make it out, minor injuries). The fire, despite the contained nature, did cause 11 fatalities. In the morning when the fires are put out the party checks and finds out that 5 people rode south just before the fires broke out. While services are being held for those who died the party finds out that one of the casualties was a local wizard and his apprentice Lindel joins them so he can avenge his master. The party preps for about a day and then begins traveling south chasing the 5 unknown people.
This adventure concludes on 24 Tymont 670 C.Y.