Adventure 002: Gods Save the Count

While traveling further south, as the documents recovered indicate, the party comes to the small town of Elton. When the party enter and while they are resupplying the town guard confronts them and informs them that Count Gasek would like to see them immediately. When the party (accompanied by the town guard) presents themselves to the Count, he informs the party that he [the count] wants the party to mount a rescue to retrieve his daughter from the brigands that have been raiding the town recently. The party discusses the request briefly among themselves before agreeing to rescue the counts daughter, Marissa.
The party sets out immediately to mount a rescue. With the aid of the town guard the party does not have a problem picking up the brigands trail. The brigand's camp, they discover is about 2 hours from Elton. What they see is a cluster of 5 wooden buildings and 6 tents with guards posted . Total seen is about 5 people with one of them being posted outside a large building. The party believes (rightly) that this is where Marissa is being kept. Quickly a plan is formed and put into action.
The party begins sneaking around the edge of the camp to the large building, however a bad stealth roll alerts one of the guards and a fight breaks out as the others in the camp are alerted by the shouts and come out with weapons. When the party breaks into the large building, they find Marissa and another human, as they do this they discover that they have a fight on their hands as Marissa begins attacking them as well. After a long (and painful) combat (where they pause from combat hiding to regain the use of their encounter powers) they finally manage to kill every one in the camp, including Marissa in self defense.
Depressed the party neglects to loot the buildings and heads back to Elton with Marissa's body. They discuss what to tell the count, Bailey and Mordan are all for telling the count that his daughter died at the hands of the brigands but Lucanar tells the count what happened (primarily that the party killed Marissa) in a fit of anger and grief Count Gasek orders the party taken to the prison cells and executed in the morning.
Mordan, as soon as he hears this, springs into action drawing his daggers and taking the Count hostage (this action takes every one by surprise, including the DM). Only through fast talking and the threat of imminent death does Mordan surrender his daggers and release the Count. Lucanar explains what happened and the Count demands proof of Marissa's duplicity. To ensure their return the Count assigns several town guards to them and holds Bailey hostage, if they don't return by dawn Bailey will be executed.
With these conditions Mordan and Lucanar rush back to the camp and begin to search it. Inside a mattress Mordan finds a diary written by Marissa detailing her plans to kill her father to take control of the town of Elton. The 2 of them return to Elton and present the diary as evidence with barely an hour remaining on the time limit. Upon reviewing the diary Count Gasek releases the party and orders them to leave never to return upon threat of imprisonment (except Mordan who faces death). The party departs Elton immediately and resumes the journey back to Thunder Falls to report to the Baroness.

This adventure concludes of 14 Tymont 670 C.Y.