This is primarily for my players so they will know what their characters have done and what has happened, but it is also for me because I do enjoy the truth (as the vikings would have said).
I will try to get this log current and keep it current but real life keeps interfering and feel free to post to this thread as each adventure will receive a seperate thread.

Lucanar/Darenna-Elven Cleric-DentArthur
Mordan-Tiefling Warlock-Duster
Bailey-Human Fighter-Brambleshadow
Lindel-Human Wizard-Trajeca
Sameth-Halfling Rogue-Discrunner
Dorn-Dwarven Cleric-Nexus_01
Trogdor-Dragon Born Fighter-Nexus_01

Note: At the time the campaign started Lindel, Sameth, and Dorn were not playing. They came in later during the campaign.

Note: Lucanar and Darenna are the same character. It is a female masquerading as a male.

Note: Trogdor replaces Dorn as Nexus_01's character later in the campaign.

Dungeon Master: wbrandel

Campaign Start Date: 7 Tymont 670 Common Year (C.Y.)

Campaign World and Location: Erinthar, Kingdom of Ethengar, City of Thunder Falls

Adventure 001: The Summons

Lucanar, Mordan, and Bailey each receive a visitor, the chamberlain of the Baroness of Thunder Falls. When they meet with the Baroness she tasks them with ending the threat of raids and abductions to Thunder Falls. The party agrees to do this and begin to make plans to find the raiders.
On 8 Tymont the party leaves the city following the trail left by the raiders, for 3 days they track the raiders before coming to a clearing with 2 unusual mounds and 2 trees in it. As the party enters the clearing and near the centre of it (where the tracks lead) they come under fire from 2 Hobgoblin Archers stationed in the trees. The party immediately takes cover behind one of the mounds and is surprised when a concealed door is opened and a Hobgoblin Warrior attacks. During the fight Mordan gets hit hard (taking him down to bloodied) and Shadow Walks into the open. Unfortunately for him the archers see him and begin to fire on and hit him several times, during that brief engagement Mordan then retreats back to join the party and a second hobgoblin warrior moves to join the fight along with the archers. Bailey hits and kills the hobgoblin warrior when the 2 archers move into the open and begin firing on them, the party lead by Lucanar moves to engage the archers when Bailey is struck from behind by the hobgoblin warrior. As the party turns to face the new threat, an arrow hits Bailey reducing her to 0 hit points and Mordan is hit by the warrior reducing him to 0 hit points. It is at this point Lucanar surrenders to the hobgoblins when they demand it.
While Mordan and Bailey are taken to the cages in the lower level of the complex, Lucanar is taken to see Seran, the head of the raiders. During the interrogation Seran learns who has sent them as well as the fact there will be no rescue attempt for them, and Lucanar learns that this is just a small part of a larger organization. Afterwards Lucanar is taken to join his friends in the cage.
After Lucanar heals Bailey and Mordan the 3 of them begin to plan an escape from the cage. After a failed attempt or two the party manages to escape and free the other prisoners (a total of 73), and begin the process of overrunning the guards and the complex. As Lucanar and the others lead the prisoners through the complex they overhear a conversation between Seran and a goblin, where they learn the name of Seran's boss Terror. The party then confronts Seran, who escapes when the goblins run interference for him, but the party does manage to kill Seran's lieutenants. During the escape the complex is set on fire and as the party is leading the prisoners out, Lucanar knocks himself out by running into a burning shelf (he was blinded by smoke at the time). Mordan and Bailey go back and drag Lucanar out and when they reach the surface and a safe distance away from the entrance, they give him first aid. It was then that Mordan and Bailey discover that Lucanar is actually a female dressed as a male but they do not tell Lucanar that the have found this out.
It is at this time some of the surviving prisoners leave to go back to their homes and some remain with the party to return back to Thunder Falls.

This adventure ends on 11 Tymont 670 C.Y.