This game is For 3.5 and is non convertible. I know Alot of you are skeptical about 3.5 but in the right hands and with the right players the system can be very enjoyable. That being said I am a DM of almost 5 years and almost my entire experience has been with 3.5, this campaign is the culmination of my experience's sofar. And the players who have been it before have enjoyed it greatly, and as the dm Im always finding ways to make it better.

Player wise im looking 4-6 Commited individuals who are genuinley interested in playing, Both there roll as a charachter in the story and To make it to each and every session. One of the downsides of DnD has always been organizing the scheduals of many adults but I find when making dnd a schedualed routine instead of spontanues recreation this problem solvs its self. No drugs or Alchohol, (I enjoy both myself from time to time but a game session is not the time or place.) other n that you can be of any age gender sexual orientation or race. DO NOT CARE.

Last part is as of right now I do not have a Space in wich to Game so if you Would like to participate and you have a gaming area (A den or large room big enough for a large table wich can seat 4-6 people confortably with little to no noise pollution, also I find taking a break every 2-3 hours to Be a stress relievant both to players and me as the dm. Smash is a fovorite for this.) you would be most welcome.

Now for How I dm. I have always enjoyed using ambeince (music played in the background such as midnight syndacyte or classical) playing by candlight, ect ect. Unfourtunatley I have never been able to afford minuters so we have always used just a pencil and graph paper. Again if you wish to play and you have adequite minitures and paper we would be happy to use them.

OKay now for the actual campagn.
Setting Grey hawk variation.
Low fantasy. Horroresque.

In the known world There are the Great forested and mountainous northern Kingdoms and the Vast desertous and plainsfilled southern kingdoms. They are on two seperate contenents with but one land bridge, wich is filled with Deadly mountain range Known as the Doompeaks, wich is widley considerd cursed by the denizens of the realm. Trade is forced through the Doompeaks due to the leviathen seadragon clan wich viscously patrols the waters surrounding the two contenents destroying any vessel that cant meet there rediculasley high travel fees.

The doompeaks themselvs are Made of tough Unyealdy rock with no Natural rescourses and are crawling with mounstrous creatures of all kinds both on the surface and tunneled inside, To top it all off each winter the already difficult passes become impassable freezing anybody who is unfourtunate enough to get caught in them. however in this Frozen Hellscape there is one oasis, called the great valley. The great valley is Surrounded on 3 sides by the looming doompeaks the fourth is a 90 degree drop to the crashing ocean below. The valley is dotted With ruins of some ancient civilization and Great primordial Trees make a great forest on the eastern end of the valley Known as Dogwood, because of the strange howls that usually eminate from it at night. Many have gone into dogwood, none return. The valley supports a few small villages of brave souls, adventurers, merchants, archeologists, scientists, con-men, thievs. However for some reason any real attempt at colonazation has ended in disaster. They dissapear over the Winter and all that is found next spring is rubble, along with any villages that were already there. Non the less people are inexorably drawn to the valley and villlages always re-establish themselvs however they never get larger than that.

You have been hired by Jeriah the merchant for protection during passage to the southern kingdoms, and now your fresh band of adventurers must brave the pass, the winter, and the valley!

Well if your interested please contact me.

Phone: 1-360-918-1974

This game will start when we have a full party and a local and time when everyone can play. I expect sessions to last 6-12 hours.