Greetings all:

I've recently gotten it in my head to try to cobble together a 1st ed. or 2nd ed. AD&D group for mature old school gaming enthusiasts. I figured it couldn't hurt to put out some feelers to see what interest, if any, might be out there.

About me--I'm in my early 40s, live in Arlington, VA, and have played RPGs on and off for about the past 28 years. A random encounter with 1st ed. AD&D was what first plunged me into the world of RPGs. I pretty much dislike D&D 3.0/3.5 and am not crazy about the new 4E, either.

I'm willing to DM but would prefer to play first while getting to know others' play styles. I like DMing, though, so I'm not against doing it.

If interested, respond to this post or PM me. Thanks! :-)

Spielmeister (Jeremy)