Alrite, I have come to a "stuck spot". I am trying to figure percentage to hit. For FireArms I was doing a base percentage that varied from gun to gun plus Ability Mod. plus skill mod. which so far seems to work. BUT, Right now i am working on my Hand2Hand weapons and it doesnt seem right that an object, such as a broken beer bottle, would hinder your accuracy while swinging it. I do accept that maybe a heavy object, like a sledgehammer, would make you less accurate due to the weight, but something that could be easily swung or used like brass knuckles or the infamous broken beer bottle would not change your accuracy of a punch IRL. So then i thot that a 'base accuracy' derived from your STR. or AGI. would work. But i then ran into the problem of the players would just dump the 'high scores' in STR. and AGI. since my RPG is a very high combat-oriented one. Unless.....idk any ideas?