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Campaign Summary Genre: Fantasy
System Used: D20
Style: 75% Roleplaying / 25% Combat
Game Location N/A
Game Times Frequency: Weekly
Days of Week: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Online Game Details Online Game?: Yes
Online Software Used: IRC
Additional Options Looking for Players?: Yes
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Thread: 3.5 D&D online chat based game looking for players

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    Question 3.5 D&D online chat based game looking for players

    Imagine a city almost destroyed by the Great Cataclysm, sealing itself from the surrounding world for 400 years.

    Imagine the first adventuring groups bold enough to venture beyond the safety of the city walls.

    Imagine what they find outside…


    An established multiple-group 3.5 D&D chat-based game based in a single meta-world is opening its ranks to new, mature players. Several groups are already playing and new ones are forming. Time slots are quite flexible. You get all the materials you need for play. Experienced players without chat-based gaming experience are most welcome.

    Sounds good?

    To learn more, send me an email to:

    In the email provide the following:

    - first name
    - last name
    - year of birth (don't send full date of birth please, send year only)
    - state (if US) or country (if not)
    - Tell us a bit about yourself. A few sentences.
    - D&D experience (if none, then explain your interest in it)
    - Style of gaming (roleplay vs. combat)
    - Favorite character
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