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Thread: Character Roster

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    Character Roster

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    Your character Roster Posts should include the following. Make Your Player characters name a link to the Character sheet. You can find one here.
    Character sheet.NET

    A Pic:

    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Skin Tone:

    Physical Discription:


    Brief Background:
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    Dwarf Warrior: Torak Stormreaver

    Name: Torak Stormreaver
    Race: Dwarf (male)
    Class: Warrior
    Level: 2
    Hit Points: 26
    AC: 3

    Strength: 17 Attack: +1; damage: +1 (using bastard sword: +2 attack, +3 damage)
    Dexterity: 14
    Constitution: 17 HP adj.: +3
    Intelligence: 14 # lang.: 4
    Wisdom: 9
    Charisma: 9

    GP: 87
    SP: 5

    +4 saving throw bonus vs. wands, staves, rods, spells, and poison
    +1 to attack orcs, half-orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins.
    Ogres, trolls, ogre magi, giants, and titans have -4 penalty to hit him.

    Infravision: up to 60 feet.

    Splint mail (80 gp)
    Medium shield (7 gp)
    Bastard sword (1-handed) (25 gp): Speed factor 6; damage: 1d8 (S/M), 1d12 (L)
    Backpack (2 gp)
    1 potion of Invulnerability

    Saving Throws:
    Paralyzation, Poison, or Death Magic: 14
    Rod, Staff, or Wand: 16 (+4 racial bonus)
    Petrification or Polymorph: 15
    Breath Weapon: 17
    Spell: 17 (+4 racial bonus)

    Weapon Proficiencies: Battle axe, bastard sword, heavy crossbow.
    Weapon Specialization: Bastard sword.

    Nonweapon Proficiencies:
    Blind-fighting, mountaineering.

    Physical Description: Rusty colored hair and beard with streaks of black; scar on right cheek.

    Personality: Like all dwarves, he is gruff and abrupt. He seems to be obsessed with combat, practicing with his weapon even in relaxed atmospheres such as inns.

    Brief Background: He used to serve as a guard member for his clan, but he was recently kicked out (he would say he voluntarily chose to take a leave of absence because it was not challenging enough). His exile is not permanent but rather was meant to be a disciplinary measure. Torak had a strong tendency to question the orders of his superiors, rush ahead rashly into combat situations fearlessly (or foolishly?) and give orders that contradicted those of his superiors.
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    Name: Andaith
    Race: Wood Elf
    Class: Archer
    Hight: 5'
    Weight: 110
    Hair Color: Coppery-Red
    Eye Color: Bright Green
    Skin Tone: Olive (Lightly Tanned)

    Physical Discription: The wilderness is wild and tough and it is reflected in his appearance. He bears several scars and his hair is wild compared to society's standers. His clothing are the colors of the forest, it looks as if he walked a foot into a wooded are he would disappear. He also has the charm of the forest brutal and serene all at the same time.

    Personality: He is more comfortable in the forest with the animals and it comes threw in his inability to interact well with others. He is more standoffish than rude. He has little knowledge of races outside the forest and often makes cultural faux pas that more traveled people would not.Tends to keep to himself and often can be seen interacting with his partner and friend Aegnor his Cooshee.

    Brief Background: He was out with a small hunting party when his village was whipped out buy an unknown force. After that him and the remaining people of his village set out to start over. He spent 20 years living in the new city, but spending most of his time raising Coochees out away for everyone else. Until one day about a year ago he went into the woods leaving his people behind to find what is missuing from his life.

    HP 20

    Strength: 17 +1 hit +1 dam 85/220 O.D. 10 B.B/L.G. 13%
    Dexterity: 17 Reaction +2 Missle +2 Defence -3
    Constitution: 10 S.S. 70% R.S. 75%
    Intelligence: 11 # lang 2
    Wisdom: 15
    Charisma: 5
    AC 4

    THACO 19
    Alignment True Neutral

    90% Resistance to sleep and all charm-related spells
    + 1 to bows
    -4 to surpise when alone or with other elves
    Can befriend woodland animals unless hostile can automaticly shift reaction by 2 categories.
    Can fire and extra shot making it 5/2 instead of 2/1 and more or not more and fire 3/1 or fire a trick shot at +1 for every 4 levels
    Spoken Languages: Sylvan Elvish, High Elvish, Centaur, Pixie, Dryad, Treant, and other woodland creatures

    Infravision: up to 60 feet.

    Saving Throws:
    Paralyzation, Poison, or Death Magic: 14
    Rod, Staff, or Wand: 16
    Petrification or Polymorph: 15
    Breath Weapon: 17
    Spell: 17

    Weapon Prophecies
    Long Bow 2*, Specialized (for 3 total), Long Sword 1, Blade Song 2

    Non weapon Prophecies
    Bower Fletcher* 1 (D-1), Hunting* 1 (W-1), Animal Training 1 (W), Set Snares 1 (D-1), Fire Building 1 (W-1), Cooking 1 (I), Swimming 1 (S)

    Long Bow sf 8, 48 Sheaf Arrows 1d8+3 THACO (16), Quiver 8sp
    Long Sword 1d8/1d12 sf 4 15gp Thaco (19), Scabbard 4gp

    Studded Leather 20gp

    Equipment 53gp, 6sp, 18cp

    Belt 1gp, Boots soft 1gp, Breeches 2gp, Tunic 8sp, Gloves 1gp, 15' Silk Rope, Sashling10gp, Wine Skin 8sp

    In Back Pack 2gp
    50' Silk Rope 8sp, Quiver 8sp, Flint and Steel 5sp, 2 Whetstones 16sp, 2 Wine Skin 16sp, 2 Knives 10sp, 2 Sheaths 6cp, 2 Hatchets 10sp, 2 Sheathes 6cp, Cloth 7gp, 10 Bowstrings

    In Small Sack 5cp
    Belt 1gp, Boots soft 1gp, Breeches 2gp, Tunic 8sp, Gloves 1gp

    In Small Sack 5cp
    Honey Leather 50gp, 15' Silk Rope, 5 Pitons 15cp

    In Small Pouch 7sp
    5' Silk Rope, 5 Pitons 15cp

    In Small Pouch 7sp
    Signal Whistle, 2 Bowstrings

    In Small Pouch 7sp
    2 Whetstones 16sp, Flint and Steel

    In Lagre Pouch 2gp
    10' Silk Rope, 10 pitons 30cp

    In Lagre Pouch 2gp

    I keep extra money in my Sahsling. I wrap all my metal items in my bags and pouches in the cloth that I have. I keep my 2 small sacks in my back pack.
    The * are what I get for free from my kit
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    A Pic:

    Name: Dextel "Dex"
    Race: Half-elf
    Class: Fighter/Thief
    Level: 1/1
    X.P: 25
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 127
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Green
    Skin Tone: Tan

    Strength: 14 Hit Prob: 0; Dam Adj: 0; Wgt Allow: 55; Max Press: 170; OD: 8; BBLG: 7%
    Dexterity: 17 React Adj: +2; Miss Atk Adj: +2; Def Adj: -3
    Constitution: 16 HP Adj: +2; Sys Shk: 95%; Res Survival: 96%; Pois Sv: 0; Regen: Nil
    Intelligence: 14 No. Langs: 4
    Wisdom: 11 Mag Def Adj: 0
    Charisma: 9 Max Hench: 4; Loyal Base: 0; React Adj: 0

    AC: 7 (no armor)
    Hit Points: 10
    Base THAc0: 20
    Missile THAc0: 18

    Paral/Pois/Death: 13
    Petrify/Poly: 12
    Rod/Staff/Wand: 14
    Breath: 16
    Spells: 15

    Weapon: Dagger, Long bow, Long sword, Short sword
    Non: Bowyer/Fletcher 16, Riding land 14, Rope use 17
    Languages: Common, Alignment, Thieves Cant, Elven

    Racial Abilities:
    Detect Secret Doors: 1 on d6 within 10 / 1 or 2 on d6 while actively searching / 3 in 6 for concealed doors
    Infravision 60
    Resistance to sleep and charm spells 30%

    Equipment: Long Bow, Quiver w/24 sheaf arrows, Long sword, Dagger, Backpack, Belt, Large belt pouch, Thieves picks, 1 weeks dry rations, Soft boots, Flint and Steel, Wineskin

    GP 15
    SP 4

    Thief Abilities
    Climb Walls: 80%
    Detect Noise: 20%
    Find/remove traps: 15%
    Hide in shadows: 30%
    Move silently: 35%
    Open locks: 35%
    Pick pockets: 40%
    Read languages: 0
    Backstab: X2

    Physical Discription:
    Outwardly, Dex appears almost completely human. His slender build belies his actual strength and is the source for many attempts at bullying. Luckily, he has been trained very well in the arts of war, so defending himself is not a problem.

    Personality: Dex is typically quiet and reserved due to his desire to avoid conflict with those that might despise him for his racial 'inadequacies'. Once he gets to know those he is traveling with, however, he becomes very open and considers them to be close friends or even family.

    Brief Background:
    Dex was born to a human mother that lived at the edge of the Gnarley Forest. Throughout his formative years, he was shunned by the people of Divyers for reasons he could not understand. No matter how hard he tried to fit in, the people of the city simply turned away, or worse, chased him away.

    At the age of sixteen, Dex decided to go against his mother's wishes and headed for Narwell to the South. Here he found many people interested in him and his amazing agility. These people quickly became his friends and began to teach him how to 'survive' in the city by living off of the rich. He spent three years running with a group called Felgo's Band, all of whom he considered his family.

    Word came to him through the grapevine that his mother had fallen ill and that it was likely she would not recover. Dex left the city of Narwell and arrived at his old homesite to find it filled with several elves of a tribe from within the Gnarley Forest. These people watched in silence as he entered his mother's bedchamber where he found one elven man sitting on her bedside and holding her by the hand.

    Dex felt uneasy, but approached nonetheless. His mother smiled up at her son and reached out her other hand to him. With an unsteady voice, she finally told him that his father hadn't died in a battle in some long forgotten war as she had told him in his youth. She turned her gaze to the elvin man beside her and introduced him as Gael'eth, Dex's father. Dex was stunned, but finally realzed why his life had been full of resentment by others.

    He longed to learn everything he could about his father and asked to come live with him in the forest. Reluctantly, Gael'eth agreed and began teaching him the ways of the warrior. Now, two years later, Dex has decided that the time has come for him to leave his father's household. He wants to seek out his own adventures and make his life his own.
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    Fehleran Farwalker Human Cleric

    Name: Fehleran Farwalker
    Race: Human (male)
    Class: Cleric
    Level: 2 (1525)
    Hit Points: 16
    AC: 4

    Strength: 14
    Dexterity: 11
    Constitution: 14
    Intelligence: 12 # lang.: 3
    Wisdom: 17 Bonus Spells: 2/2/1
    Charisma: 10

    Equipment: (54 lbs)
    Splint Mail (80 gp)
    Quarter Staff (-) THAC0 20 SPD 4 DMG 1d6/1d6 B
    Sling (-) THAC0 20 SPD 6 DMG 1d4+1/1d6+1 B (with bullets)
    Sling Bullets 10 (1 sp)
    Holy Symbol (25 gp)
    Backpack (2 gp)
    Large Sack (2 sp)
    Torch (1 cp)
    Waterskin (8 sp)
    Holy Water 2 (50 gp)
    1 potion of Healing

    Saving Throws:
    Paralyzation, Poison, or Death Magic: 10
    Rod, Staff, or Wand: 14
    Petrification or Polymorph: 13
    Breath Weapon: 16
    Spell: 15

    Weapon Proficiencies: Quarterstaff, Sling.

    Nonweapon Proficiencies: Ancient Languages, Reading/Writing, Religion.

    Physical Description: Dark brown hair, shoulder length in back, roughly pulled back into a pony tail. Dark brown eyes, dark skinned with plain features. Medium height and build (for a human), usually dressed in brown travel robes with the Oerth disk symbol on his chest

    Personality: Friendly and likeable most of the time, he sometimes gets a far off look in his eyes, like his mind has left on a trip without him. He is excited by travel, and has plans to visit every corner of Greyhawk before he leaves Oerth.

    Brief Background: Fehleran was born to a poor family, and grew up in the docks are of Greyhawk (where his father worked). While most of the family turned to thievery, Fehleran felt the call of the road, and at an early age left home with an inland bound caravan. After 6 years of travelling around the various lands of Oerth with one caravan or another, he set off home, to see the fabulous city of Greyhawk again, and find his family. Unfortunately, most of them are dead, and his brother and younger sister he hasn't managed to locate yet. The call of travel and adventure is still too great, so he has set out to find something to do while he waits on word of his siblings.

    Fehleran became a priest of Fahralghn through his travels. He spent two years travelling with an aging priest of Fahrlaghn, and realized if he was travelling anyway, it would be good to have someone with a little power watching over him. He grew to love the teachings of his god, and eventually came to emulate him, carrying a staff, and wearing the brown robes his god wears. A year ago, he was welcomed into the service of his god at a rather simple service at a roadside shrine, and has since served Fahrlaghn and his fellow man as a cleric in Fahrlaghn's service.
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