I am working on a classic game with a strong Celtic influence (Witches and Wyverns). The player takes the role of a classic witch in a growing world. In this world magic is mysterious and untrusted by many. "Civilized" people frown upon its use and discriminate against those who practice it. It is considered crude, barbaric, and outdated compared to the New Ways (similar to the way paganism faded when Christianity came).

I want to keep the magic very ritualistic and not just where the player can throw around spells and such. Divination is very heavy in this game and is the main aspect of a witches power. To balance this I figured I would take after that show "Charmed" and give each witch an 'innate' power.

Witches also have a familar spirit that is bound to them. These familiars are really spirits that the witch invokes into an animal form. They are supernaturally linked to the witch and also grow to have magic powers themselves.

Some witches may want to choose to specialize in one particular area of magic. So I created some schools which so far include:


Natural Magic - Magic that works with plants and animals.

Divination - Magic used to gather information.

Elemental - Magic that works with Air, Fire, Earth, and Water.

Illusion - Spells that trick the senses.

Candle - Spells cast from a single candle, general spells such as lock, unlock, message.

Enchantment - Spells that give people or items other magical powers or enhancements.

Fey and the fairie courts play a big role in the game as well. Witches mostly come from humans. But I have put a little thought into other races.

Elves - Very rarely encountered, elves are majestic beings who guard the Old Ones. Servants of the Green Man, elves are given a way to get to The Summerland as a reward for their services. Very magical they get their magic through their link to the fey and the fairie courts. They are also highly skilled with the bow and sword.

Dwarves - Seen more oftenly than elves, dwarves are miners, blacksmiths, jewelers, and architects. Strong warriors who greatly distrust magic, dwarves are almost entirely disconnected to the fey. Though they still believe in the Old Path, they have secluded themselves from associating with it.

Halflings - Small, sweet people halflings live in hillocks in lush valleys. Among all the races, halflings accept witches more readily than any other, and at least one can be found in most halflings villages, though their magic is usually limited to healing and helping the farmers.

I want it to work on either a percentage system or a d10 system like used in World of Darkness games. Any advise, help, ideas, comments?