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September 28, 2008: Out Of The Box Returns

As some of you know, Ken Hite (Suppressed Transmissions, GURPS Infinite Worlds) has a column called Out of the Box, in which he chronicles products and events that attract his attention from both the "games" and "industry" sides of the gaming industry. Magpie-like, the column was irregular but clever, and always a pleasure to read. It's&#160;been away for a while, but has recently returned, cradled in the offbeat arms of Indie Press Revolution.</p>

For his second installment posted to his new host, Ken has focused his sizable vocabulary on Sean Punch's best-selling series, Dungeon Fantasy. His analysis is excellent, looking beyond the "mere" quality of the product to the market forces that allowed it to be written and published.</p>

Good stuff, whether you're looking for industry analysis, product reviews, or just find Hite's literary tempo soothing.</p>

-- Paul Chapman</p>