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Thread: one of my current mapping efforts....

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    one of my current mapping efforts....

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    just thought i'd share one of my current mapping projects. this is drawn by hand using painter. the little squares up in the corner are my palette. this is a simple white rectangle on a separate layer onto which i copy and paste the colors i've gotten to where i want them. this allows me to assign groups of colors to specific land types, and be able to use them consistently through out my maps. i use the various tools to blur, smudge, blend, mix, soften, sharpen (and so on and so forth) until i get a patch that i like the color/texture of. then i copy it over to the palette for future use. handy, ne? ^^

    you can see where i've sketched out the shoreline, and where i've filled in lots of the ocean. i still have some detail work to do on the coast line, both on the sea side, and on the land side. also noticeable is the unfinished mountain chain running down into the lower right part of the map. the unusual heptagonal shape of the mountains in the middle left is a result of a past catastrophe, as is the vast circular plains in the upper region.
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    Very pretty. Nice work indeed.

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    Very nice, nijineko. Please keep posting your work.
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