The panels on the wall seem to have somewhat of a similar pattern on them as the abstract artwork on the wall in the chamber you were held in briefly. Only, much more complex, and somehow, as you look at them, alive. You suddenly notice colors which before were but tints and shadows along edges, and in the variations of colors patterns within patterns. Whichever portion you are looking directly at does not move, as you would expect, but everything around where you are looking at directly seems to begin moving and shifting after a second or two. You keep trying to catch a part of the pattern actually moving, but no matter where you look at, it is still. You blink, momentarily losing vision, and feel a wave of dizziness.

(((please roll a will save or an int check, whichever is better for you. and while you are at it, please also roll three wills and three forts, i will need them shortly....)))