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Armorial of Ashbarex: Chapter the First: First Impressions
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Thread: Armorial of Ashbarex: Chapter the First: First Impressions

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    "The minstrel fled some months ago, nearly half a year now. He seems to have disappeared entirely. I had thought that either through his music, or for his great love of the foodstuffs produced from our herds, he could be tracked... but there has been no sign of him through either method." He lets himself down heavily at one of the common tables.

    "My daughter was found missing this morning, but it was not until late morning that it appeared that she wasn't in the house. You arrived about the time the guards were leaving to search around the house. Had the Tower guards seen that you were a foe, or had had some contact with my daughter, you might have been taken prisoner, instead of guested. None of the traveling animals, nor any other member of the household or staff were missing, so she is on foot. Some food was missing from the kitchens, as was some of her practice clothing, so it seems that she might be trying her fortune, or as you say, seeking this minstrel.... Though heaven help him if she were to find him now."

    "We are doing what can be done concerning the minstrel. After all, many merchants rely upon our herds, so we have many contacts. More to the present, I would ask you to begin searching as soon as possible. If it seems that she has managed to find a way about other than foot, we can cover the possibilities of the surrounding regions then." He raises his good arm and makes a slight waving gesture. Before he is done, a tall person appears at his elbow, so swiftly and silently that it is almost as if he materialized. He is dressed in fine clothing and bows slightly to your host.

    "Abershaunt, please see to any minor needs this one has. I have decided to engage him to aid the search for my daughter." Thus named, the man looks you over. Though his face does not so much as twitch, you get the distinct impression of a raised eyebrow.
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