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Breviary of Brandylegs: Chapter the First: From the Dust
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Thread: Breviary of Brandylegs: Chapter the First: From the Dust

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    I will take out my dagger and draw a line across my palm. "Blood." I then take the tip of my dagger and shave off some of the edge of the new wound. "Flesh." Trying to follow his example as closely as I can I use the dagger to trim off one of my untended nails. "Bone." Giving a slightly hopeful look I will bend over the bowl and allow a stream of saliva to escape my lips, I'll wipe the little bit that gets caught in my beard on my shirt sleeve and, "Water of the body." Finally I will breath long and soft into the bowl. "Breath."

    After I have finished I will stand up and wait to see if I have passed the test.

    *edit for water of the body*
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