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Breviary of Brandylegs: Chapter the First: From the Dust
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Thread: Breviary of Brandylegs: Chapter the First: From the Dust

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    Breviary of Brandylegs: Chapter the First: From the Dust

    The air is still. Silent. Unmoving. For a few moments you fear you have been trapped in a cave-in. Then memory returns. Your eyes open. Blackness. Slowly, fuzzily, details begin to resolve themselves out of the darkness. There is no light whatsoever, all is in grey.

    You are looking at a vaulted ceiling. The stone arches are done in fantastical scrolling carvings. Dark chandeliers hang, products of considerable skill, obvious even dust-shrouded . You sit up and look around. You are laying on an empty bier in an elegant hall, one of a double row leading off into the darkness past where you can see. Heavy hangings adorn the wall separating nooks which contain more biers carved in the living stone... only these are occupied. A quick glance shows that you are sitting upon the only unoccupied slab within reach of your vision.

    A sudden chill runs up your back. The figures are obscured by what appears to be burial wrappings and the gods-only-know how many centuries of dust, yet it is clear that they are of no race you have ever seen... or even heard of in legend or tale. Your breath sounds loudly in the absolute silence.

    You are completely alone.
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