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Thread: Variorum of Victoria: Chapter the First: A Twisted Schema

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    When you come out from the kitchen, all finished and ready to go, you find that the father has put on some kind of armor, consisting of pieces which attach to his harness, and a kirtle which hangs down. Mother looks pensive at seeing this, but says nothing. Little Timothee wears a miniature version of his father's outfit. Leaving the house, everyone circles around the house, and follows a stone tube that protrudes from the ground. A bit of thought and you realize that it is likely the source of water in the house.

    Following the tube, sometimes a simple ridge of earth on the ground, you eventually come to a small river where the tube disappears into a hill. Nearby is a very large tree, it's roots partially exposed on one side by the hurrying action of the river. Nestled into the small hill upon which the tree stands is a door, flanked by windows on either side. Little Timothee is left with a family of badgers which apparently live here. Timothee runs off with the badger young to splash and play in the river. A huge burly badger, maybe two-thirds the size of the father bear converses with the father for a bit. You are unable to understand what they are saying.

    Soon you are on your way again, travelling through the forest. They accomodate your travel pace, and the mother even assists you over the rougher parts, letting you cling to her paw. In doing so, you note that other than their dress, speech and ovbious intellect, that they resemble perfectly normal "animals" in every other way. The mother converses softly with you as you travel.

    {opportunity for you to ask questions! }
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