There is no other place to put this so here we go. . .

This is a good old new crunchy western with lots of fun and a sand box rpg approach!

its setting is an alternative history but not a fantastic one other then its history, not occult, no superscience, just the western of maybe or could have been/
its refreshing and entertaining and its worth its weight
in gold!

Has any one played this setting or game yet?
if so this is the real testament to the game, please step up and give us your testimony Dear brother or sister!

Tell us what you like and don't like
give use your favorate part of the game!
or tell us of your latest adventures , yes you can go to the web sight of Kenzer and company but I wanted a pure rpg-net OPINION WITH OUT THE WORRY OF FRANTIC KENZER WORSHIPERS ATTACKING SOME ONE OPINION!