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Campaign Summary
Campaign Summary Genre: Fantasy
System Used: 4th edition
Style: 50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
Current Players: 3
Desired # of Players: 5
Game Location Street Address: 2024 Corner Tree ct.
City: Orlando
State: FL
Zip Code / Postal Code: 32820
Country: USA
Game Times Frequency: Weekly
Days of Week: Saturday
Online Game Details Online Game?: No
Additional Options Looking for Players?: Yes
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Thread: 4E D&D Campaign starting

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    4E D&D Campaign starting

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    A group of friends are starting a 4E campaign that will move to Forgotten Reams in August when they release the campaign book. We have a great DM that is into combat but also wants players to invest time into their back stories and motivations. We are looking for 2 additional players that can meet Saturday morning. We will be playing in East Orlando a little East of UCF from 10:00 till 3 or 4. If you are interested please responf or email me at Thanks!

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    Looking for one more

    Hey i'm part of Virtuhall's group, recently one of our players left so we have space for one more. We usually play alternating between Friday Nights and Saturday late mornings into the afternoon. Currently we are playing a loosely based Forgotten Realms campaign with some "points of light" elements. We are using the 4e rules. Please email me at for more details as I don't check this site very often. We are playing at the address listed above.
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