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Campaign Summary
Campaign Summary Genre: Fantasy
System Used: DnD 3.5 or SW d6
Style: 75% Roleplaying / 25% Combat
Desired # of Players: 4
Game Location Street Address: pending
City: Cedar Hill
State: TX
Zip Code / Postal Code: 75104
Country: USA
Game Times Frequency: Weekly
Days of Week: Saturday
Online Game Details Online Game?: No
Additional Options Looking for Players?: Yes
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  • 4e

    4 57.14%
  • DnD 3.5

    3 42.86%
  • Star Wars Saga

    2 28.57%
  • Star Wars d6

    2 28.57%
  • Other (Vampire: Masquerade or DnD 2e)

    2 28.57%
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Thread: Abberant

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    Arrow Abberant

    Before referencing material or providing world info, I am gauging interest and opening discussion. I actually prefer it happen on this thread so everyone can discuss details and see results together (or hear ***crickets*** when I am not tilting at windmills if that be the case).

    Topic 1:
    If this is at my home I am easy going and open to most games as long as they are fun (I do prefer more roleplay) so the Fantasy/DnD above is optional. No drugs. Really, I will arrest you.

    Topic 2:
    I prefer to limit it to 21yrs or older. I actually hope some non-creepy 30+'ers will hop on board since roleplaying with all early 20's might make me feel a little creepy.

    Topic 3:
    Best days/times. I prefer Saturday or Sunday afternoon and either weekly or bi-weekly: every other (or aim for weekly and end up in between). Tell me what the group can/wants to do.

    Topic 4:
    If I run it is a low materials homebrew (probably PHB and a little custom stuff only) and would not be 4e since it just did not inspire me (I would still play). I might run a short d6 Starwars game just for fun until the group "stabilizes". If so, I have all the stuff and the game is not rules intensive, hence the good gap filler during any early turn over. It is also easy to plan and fast paced.

    Topic 5:
    This one belongs to you. Heck toss out a 6 or 7 if you feel the need. I forgot something. I would tell you what if I remembered.
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