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Characters Character Creation in 4ed D&D
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Thread: Character Creation in 4ed D&D

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    Character Creation in 4ed D&D

    The PHB spells out how to create a character in a multi-step process, which was pretty easy for the most part. (My 3.x experience kept getting in the way.) I was finding that I had to search for a few of the calculations for AC, Fort, Ref, and Will, in the then not so obvious places.

    So, to help out any newcomer also having trouble finding:
    Defense Scores - page PHB 275
    Attack Bonuses - page PHB 274

    The book explains this next part, but I was confused at first. The strange damage codes 1[W], 2[W], 3[W], etc. mean multiple rolls for weapon damage. The first number is the multiple. So, 3[W] for a 2d4 damage becomes a total of 6d4 damage.

    Hit Points are found in the section for your chosen character class, which uses your character's constitution SCORE (not the modifier) to add to hitpoints. This blew away my bf when he created his 1st level warlock having 30HP, and my 1st level paladin had only 27HP.
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