The DM of group the group I'm in has decided he needs a break, or were going to take a break for a couple months without games, he's just getting burned out. No one else was willing to try running a game so I steped up and said what the hell, I could give it a try. After talking with him we decided that he's going to run games every other week or so. I decided to start out with a mid lvl pre-built module, "Legacy of Madness" (made in 2001).

Basically I'm looking for advice. I've only really been playing since last August, and I've only been in this group for the last 3-4 months(got out of the military and moved back home.) We have a couple long time vets including the other DM, and there are a couple newbies, they've played a little less time than me.

Is there anything I should be on the look out for, anything that might throw a monkey wrench into my first session as a DM?

Also, here are the house rules/books I set up for the game:

Hey guys. Just wanted to say what's up and let you know I'm running the game this coming Saturday. I'm not going to change much, if any, of the house rules normally used. Still going to be a 36 pt buy, still going to use max HP each lvl for these next few games at minimum.

As far as books allowed, the Core books, Unearthed Arcana(All SRD Material) + PHB2 + the Complete books, Tome of Battle, Tome of Magic & BoED/BoVD. No Psionics.

All party members are neutral or good aligned, no evil and start at lvl 8. Instead of normal starting wealth though, you have 34000 GP, that's almost 25% more than normal, but you just might need it. >

If you play a Ranger your effective druid level for your companion is equal to your Ranger class level, not 1/2 your class level like normal. I've hated that rule from the get go and all Rangers in any game I run that have a companion(not all do) will use this to calculate their companion. This doesn't change anything for a druid's companion.

If you want to go into a PRC, let me know. I most likely won't have any problems unless it requires some odd entry requirement like for the Vassel of Bahamut(from BoED). No setting specific PRC's other than the Harper classes from Forgotten Realms.

Races, let's stick to "Basic" races. No +LA races, no Warforged...But elf/dwarf/gnome/halfling variants are ok.