Many feats taken at first level are great. By the time the character hits lvl 8+, they are pretty much useless. Dodge, Combat Casting, and so on. For a while I have actually considered having the ability for feats to mature. Your feats would get better as you level, just like spells get better. I plan on implementing this idea, but not sure about how to level some feats. I wanted feats to get better at every level divisible by 5. Of course most feats should not get better. The metamagic feats are ok as they are for most of them.

Dodge - +1 vs 1 foe at 1st lvl, +2 at 5th, +3 10th, +4 15th, +5 20th
Weapon Focus - same as Dodge
Weapon Spec - +2 at 4th, +4 at 12, +6 at 20th (leveled slower to keep from overpowering)
Spell Penetration - +1 to DC of one school of spells at 1st, +2 at 8th, +3 at 16th

Combat Casting giving a +4 to Concentration is good for lower levels, but alot more useless at higher levels and is only good for casting defensively. For advancement am not to sure where to go, as more of a bonus is not really needed.

The changes to these feats make some other feats useless, but allows for more variation to what a character can do.