Welcome to the year 2199, Beyond Earth, an original futuristic roleplaying forum.

The Setting:
Earth is the scorn of a Republic of planets ruled by the alien Kem-tet, humans are thought of as brutal trouble makers. Humans having never developed the technology to get beyond our own solar system are used as labourers and mercenaries throughout the republic.

The long lost Atlantian's are thought to be our ancestors from another world, who wiped themselves out with their overreaching for technological superiority (much of which has yet to be matched by other alien races to this day.
An alien menace is known with fear throughout space, the Mechanix, a cybernetic nanotec life form was thought to be the Atlantian downfall. Mechanix devour all life and material they encounter with the only weapon that stops them being EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse). Which Atlantian's never developed due to their focus solely on crystal harmonics technology. There is rumour of Atlantian colonies throughout space (other then Earth).
Mechanix have lead to the baning of cybernetic and nanotec implants and technology on most worlds due to fear of infection. Earth being so distant from most worlds it is one of the few sources of both.

The enigmatic Greys, who refer to themselves as the Minos, are not part of the republic. Choosing to stand alone and trade only sparingly with the Kem-tet and not at all with humans directly.

A nomadic shapeshifting race, who are commonly known as Changelings, roam the expanse of space acting as go between for many worlds. Many rumours float around space concerning them but they can only transform into living creatures they have met that are of approximately the same size as them.