Okay, first of all, I'm not really that mad at White Wolf Publishing. They did accidentally put the release date up, then change it without so much as a word. But, people like John Chambers himself and Ethan Skemp actually came on the White Wolf site in the forums to "put out fires." This boxed set (like early D&D products) is five months late.

Nah, I expected it would take a long time to get something describing the age before the age described in most Exalted books. You see, I've been waiting for about 7 years plus to get some concrete knowledge on this mythical/magitech world. And, unfortunately, I still don't have it. But, that was just a bunch of mistakes; so, I'm going to get over it.

I was a little appalled that someone would demand that the guy in charge of that line (John Chambers) be fired. They are saying they'll not buy anything from the Exalted line again, etc. Of course, there's no way of knowing if they'll just buy it after getting D&D 4e, later. I think they'll both be fine games. I'm just a little burned out on D&D, so it's not their fault that I don't want that game right now. So, I'm waiting for my boxed set to come in the mail. I've downloaded Aletheia in the mean time. It's interesting, but something very different.

Anyone else waiting for Dreams of the First Age or D&D 4e? Be as frustrated as you like. I'm just trying to hold mine in, so I don't write a stupid post that means absolutely nothing.