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Dark Heresy Campaighn ideas
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Thread: Dark Heresy Campaighn ideas

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    Dark Heresy Campaighn ideas

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    any one have any ideas for a Dark Heresy Campaighn?

    Vulture the Great

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    Purge the Unclean...

    Having been a fan of 40k for some time, and dabbled with running Dark Heresy, i would submit the following...

    Have the group...start off as Imperial Guardsmen...let them get incorporated into a structure of military life, and the ecclesiarchy of the Imperium...just to get their feet wet. That would be the best way to start with all of the different classes that there are...tech-priests tend to the equipment, priests are attached to Command Squads...Scum could be a camp follower of some type...assassins could be attached to a scout platoon...psykers, again in the Command Squad...or could be hidden in as a collateral civilian and revealed as a psyker later...even the adepts can be attached to either the Guard or the civilian populace...

    anyway...as the players go about their assignments...lets say that they are dealing with a local insurection, a planet that refuses to pay tithes...when the the arbites come in, riots break out....voila! revolution. But this doesn't feel like a rabble of go getters, their too organized, something is driving them...each class would act according to their gifts...their is a taint of chaos...maybe a cult...maybe a warpstorm? who knows? The kicker is, you drop hints, maybe terminology...maybe symbols, maybe a star of chaos, if you want to be so bold...here's the hook...the war isn't going so well, the Guard is on the defensive, and HQ is getting ready or has already called in the Astartes for support...one of the lesser chapters...not the big 9 original legions...in anycase...the rebels see that as a form of escalation, and so call in either daemons or Chaos Marines...either could have been the orchestrator of everything...

    Thus, the Ordo Malleus is called in...and your inquisitor takes overall command of the operation...has your players company act as his direct command...and thus the characters and inquisitor are united...then the force behind the insurection is confronted, but ultimately escapes, bringing you to the Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert scenario to play...
    your inquisitor pursues said entity and brings players along, having served with them...

    Don't forget Rogue Trader is coming out soon too...

    just some thoughts...anything else you need...PM me...
    'Justice, like lightning, ever should appear to few men's ruin, but to all men's fear.'

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