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Peanut gallery (open for everyone to post in!)
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Thread: Peanut gallery (open for everyone to post in!)

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    Hey guys I have never done a PBP game before and I think I am only seeing your outside of game talk. So if you could possibly give me the link to the actual game just to see whats going on that would be great. I was hoping to join you guys if you had any openings, hopefully for a paladin. I saw you guys were kinda generating your characters and their levels on this thread. but i was wondering if i could use my level 5 Pally that i have worked up to from lvl 1. but i understand its your game and i am willing to do whatever. Is this game larger percentage roleplaying and smaller percentage combat?

    And for the whole contract thing would something like this work. like lets say Derek the Paladin came to be after being a lowly drunk and promised the oppurtunity of greatness if he followed a higher power of good to serve and represent his/her name?
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    and im sorry if was being to forward. i guess i really just need to know if you guys had any openings and what classes would you need?
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