the answer is mixed. two weapon fighting does allow one to weild two melee weapons. however, a spell trigger activation item is not a weapon. thus, the end result of applying two-weapon fighting would be to use the wand as a very thin club. the feat you are looking for is dual wand weilder. this allows you to activate two wands at a once, for an extra drain in charges on the second wand.

if the object you wanted to use was a use-activated item, then we might be in business.

however, all is not lost. if you were to take both two weapon fighting and dual wand weilder, then it would be logical and reasonable to allow you to mix weapon and wand in a dual style. dual wand weilder is found in either the complete arcane, or complete mage, i believe. if you check the consolidated lists on the wotc site, it has a list for all feats and where they are found. =D i should be able to get it together for you along with that other information i'm collecting.

speaking of which, can you read rtfd files? (rtf with embedded pictures) that would be the easiest way for me to send it to you. =D