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Campaign Summary
Campaign Summary Genre: Fantasy
System Used: Dangerous Journeys: Mythus
Style: Not Specified
Desired # of Players: 6
Game Location Street Address: 333 G St Apt 607
City: San Dego
State: CA
Zip Code / Postal Code: 92101
Country: United States
Game Times Frequency: Restricted or Variable Schedule
Days of Week: Saturday
Online Game Details Online Game?: No
Online Software Used: Not per se.
Additional Options Looking for Players?: Yes
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(Not per se.)

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Thread: When In Distant Lands

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    When In Distant Lands

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    When in Distant Lands is a campaign set on the world of Ærth using the Dangerous Journeys: Mythus system. Rules will be taught. I'm currently looking for six players, though depending on how things go I may be in the market for more players, and a few assistant GMs.

    When in Distant Lands is dedicated to adventure, exploration, and making a profit on your latest trade venture. There are ruins to explore, villains to thwart, and household staff to supervise. Oh, and your child's tutor needs to talk to you about her attitude towards the classics.

    Face to face and play by post, When in Distant Lands can be as engaging as you wish it to be. Come join me in the When in Distant Lands (Public) social group for further conversation on the topic.

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    San Diego
    have you started playing this yet? Are you still downtown?

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