Who here has been able to attend one of these yet?

I did today and was disappointed. The DM who was running the demo didn't seem to know crap about the rules. Munchkin gaming has taken over WotC.

I like how players can do more with each skill, but it seems too simplistic. I also thought combat was kinda simple. The DM has less to keep track of in combat, but rely too heavily on a char to keep track of stuff. Alot of the abilities seemed too powerful. I noticed the Ranger can designate one opponent as his 'quarry' and deals an extra d8 per hit. And he can pick a new quarry when it dies or his next turn. Reach does not work for attacks of oppurtunity it seems now.

All in all: HATED IT!

Thankfully they had alot of 3.5 books on sale, so the day was not a whole waste.