After action report 3-18-2007
Jay's Star Wars Game #3
Corrections and refinements requested
Carol suggests making Spot, Listen and Search class skills for all classes. After some consideration I agree. This is house ruled into effect.
Carol's Character is not present during the early part of the adventure because Carol was writing him up.

Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain
Lafe - Al'tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a former Soldier*
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, also a former Soldier
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now working as the ship's business manager
NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech.
The Ship - the Ponderous is named for an old Jazz song (GM's note, both Broc and I know the song, the rest of the players haven't heard it yet.)
The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the exception that STi Unke has been able to add Quad laser cannon.
A long, long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away

The Ponderous is returning from normal cargo run to Coruscant. However the exit from hyperspace is accompanied by werd lighting effects and (retcon) red light indicating a hyperdive malfunction.

The PCs first notice that all the traffic patterns at Coruscant are different and that their computer is having trouble synching up with the Coruscant traffic control and communications systems.

As they get closer, they notice that the patterns of lights on Coruscant are different. There's even open ground visible on Coruscant.
Eventually they achieve communication and are welcomed to Coruscant by Coruscant traffic control.

Elizabeth request and gets a DL of the laws on Couruscant.
She spends time looking at the weapons regulations (Open carry is acceptable, but weapon use is liable to result in criminal charges.) and drug/alcohol rules.

Most conventional alcohols and recreational drugs are acceptable. Many are taxed rather thoroughly. Two classes of banned goods are Alderaanian wines and dangerous drugs - Those that lead to violent psychosis, immediate addiction or physiological damage to humans.
Chocolate is not on the banned list and sells for conventional prices.
They land, and are inspected by flunkies from the port authority. They have no cash and their electronic accounts are out of reach. But it turns out that Elizabeth has a stash of gold coins she keeps as a "get home free card"

Gold, Silver, Platinum and other precious metals are used as currency.
She pays for the landing fee, arguing shrilly with the port flunkies about the valuation of her gold pieces.

When informed that these are hr dowry, the Port flunkie turn to Josh and offer condolences, starting a running joke through the session.

And the PCs are now officially grounded on a Coruscant different from the one they know.

Sti-Unke and his Astro-mech begin to to diagnose the hyperdrive - they discover that the "N-Space transtitional stabilizer" has melted down. This vital part of the hyper drive governs the entrance and exit to hyper space.

Apparently "someone" had attached a power coupling backwards and this damaged the component - eventually leading to it's failure.


Meanwhile Al'Tair listens to the public broadcasts.

The accent is weird.

Al'tair listens to entertainments, talk radio and some sports, reaching the
conclusion that what he's hearing is the same, but different.


Elizabeth and Josh head out of the ship and to an Avenue. Shops and warehouses line the place. Services and sales for the support of starships are all over.

Josh and Elizabeth quickly find "The Sports Bar" a dive near the landing pad - a Typical Spacer hang out,badlty disguised as a bar catering to sports fans. Larg view screens display people dressed funny doing a variety of physically strenous things to themselves and each other.
Josh and Elisabeth drink some beer. Elizabeth tells the Bartender that she's new in town and looking for some temp work. The Bartender extorts a small bribe and claims to know someone who knows someone. He'll get back to her.


After this, Elizabeth looks for the police. There is a local police substation where Elizabeth describes her interaction with the Bar tender to the Desk Sergeant. Josh is stunned by this act.

The Cop listens patiently to Elizabeth's story and then explains to her that she effectively volunteered to be small time hired muscle - a Mook. People seeking legitimate employment often go to the Employment agency down the street. However if contacted by the Bartender, the police would appreciate a call.

Elizabeth and Josh leave the Police Station. Josh expresses disbelief that Elizabeth is acting so naive and clueless. Elizabeth points out that this Coruscant is an alien world and that she prefers to stay on the right side of the law until she knows her way around more thoroughly.

Elizabeth and Josh head for the Employment agency.


Al'Tair, bored of the radio, decides to go explore job opportunities himself. Using a local directory, Al'Tair quickly finds a local hospital.

He approaches the staff to inquire about openings. He gets to talk with the Hospital Administrator. The Hospital Administrator doesn't recognize his credentials, so he is offered a chancce to do an "Apprenticeship" residency - He'll assist a staff physician until his skills are assesed and confirmed. The hospital is not interested in doing this for a short term committment on Al'Tair's part.

Al'tair understands this and leaves.

At the Employment agency, Elizabeth and Josh find all sorts of jobs available from labor, to skilled trades and proffessional jobs.

There are also calls for Starship crew and job postings for security work, varying from long term professional outfits and uniformed security services to short term emop assignments.

Elizabeth and Josh take a temp assignment with a high pay rate - 50 silver per day, which is about 50% higher than the norm.

Getting the directions to a local warehouse and a time they are expected to show up, Elizabeth and Josh return to the Ponderous.


At the Ponderous, Sti-Unke having diagnosed the reason for the malfunction then comares his charts to what they scanned on the way to Alderaan. - the Stars have moved but not consistently with a time jump. Some stars reflect 6000 years in the past, while others suggest 6000 years in the future.

Unke concludes that they are in an Alternate Universe due to the hyperdrive Malfunction. He could recreate the malfunction but has no way of steering the resulting miss-jump. Unke resolves to seek out a mad hyper-Spatial physicist to help design a corrective jump back home.


When Al'tair, Elizabeth and Josh return to the Ponderous Unke reports, and describes his intent. He will seek work for the Ponderous until they can afford repairs and then seek out a Hyper-Spatial Physicist who may be able to help them get back home.

Elizabeth and Josh agree with some ambvalence. How will the ship operate without a working hyperdrive?


Elizabeth and Josh report to the warehouse for their night's work as security guards. The the job is described by the warehouse manager. the Warehouse has been sufering from thefts. Their job, deter thieves. If the Thieves come on site, they are to use weapons on stun to disable to thieves and call the police. The warehouse is an electronics whole saler, and so have pallets and boxes of easily fencible electronic goodies everywhere.

Josh and Elisbeth are two of five mooks hired for the nights work. Bruno is a big one. but he has sisters, as evidenced by his refusal to say much to Elizabeth and his refuse to get within arms reach of her.

Gregor spends the evening hitting on Elizabeth.

Pete spends the evening describing a popular sport on Coruscant to Josh. Pete is a fan and goes on at excruciating length about this sport, which seems to be a mix of Hockey, NASCAR racing and badminton. Pete knows the players on his favorite local team, the Red Wings. He knows the managers and coaches. he knows the strategy of the sport and seems to believe (Like all dedicated fans of sports) that the Manager/coach has suffered some mysterious brain damage and that he, himself could manage the team better.


Meanwhile Sti Unke goes to the Sports Bar himself and spends the evening drinking with and querying other pilots. Uke discovers that the Galaxy has four major players the Coruscanti, the Corellians, the Alderaanians and the Draconians.

He learns that all powers are engaged in a campaign of exploration and exploitation of primitive worlds.

He earns that free lance trade ships are common, that they are tolerate by all powers, except the Drconioans where it's asy to step on someone's toes and wind up torture bait.

Unke learns that the Exploitation efforts are targets for pirates. But this danger makes jobs for free traders more lucrative.

Unke learns that the cherry assignment is supporting an expedition by one of the univrsities or museums from the core worlds - This is the Starship equalvalent of easy money. Spend time grounded playing lift and carry for egg heads.

At the night deepens at the acme warehouse, Josh and Elizabeth trade barbs and walking patrol duties wth the other mooks.

Then Josh hears a sizzling spitting noise and turns to see the door to the warehouse being cut open.

Josh calls an alert and the Security party springs into action, taking cover. Elizabeth makes Gregor call the police, something that Gregor isn't used to doing.

The thieves enter the building in numbers, well armed. Josh an Pete start flinging stun bolts with abandon. The bad guys fire back with carbines and pistols on lethal setting.

As soon as the first lethal bolts return from the thieves the scurity party advances their weapons to full power and a full on fire fight ensues.
The security party and the thieving party are settling into a stalemate when more bolts come from anothe direction. Another truck and another squad of thieves has, un-noticed cut through side door and now has the security party in a cross fire.

The security party conducts a fighting retreat out the front of the warehouse. They don't loose anyone. Several thieves are killed.
The ware house is on fire - the cover the security party and the thieving party used was boxes filled with tens of thousands of GPs of electronic gear. The damage is enormous.

The police arrive - the two thief party trucks, hearing the sirens, simply drive away leaving their comerades to face the police.

The Police take everyone into custody. Ambulance and fire engines arrive.

The Manager arrives and is stunned at the level of damage accomplished by his security people. He wasn't expecting a full out firefight.

The Manager pays Elizabeth, Josh, Pete, Gregor and Bruno off to get them away from his warehouse. Bruno, the one who has a sister asks for Elizabeths comm-code.

The manager is fairly spazzed. he offers good references if the Mooks just GO AWAY.


The next day - Rutger Vosk awakes ready to get to work. Early on the second day he ntures forth to start querying agents and seeing who is who.

Vosk learns that there are three general classes of Agent - Low grade - who are desperate and fairly poor at their job, medium grade agents who are good at their jobs but haven't reached the pinnacle and pinnacle agents who are so in demand they don't have time to talk to you.
Vosk Finds Chalmers, a professional looking agent who isn't so succssful that he can turn down clients.

Vosk and Chalmers inspect the Ponderous, Chalmers suggests changes to make the ship more sellable to clients and asgrees to represent the Ponderous.


Having an agent working to find them actually freighter work allows te PCs to relax and spend the day cleaning up the ship.

Elizabeth and Josh thn return to the Acme electronics warehouse to see if the manager would like anyone else shot for 5 gold that night. The Manager cringes and quails, saying no. The damage from the shootout, the resulting fire and and firefighters putting the fire out has left the stock of the warehouse decimated.

Work crews are scavenging the useful items and moving them to another warehouse.

Elizabeth and Josh return to the ship.

Hearing this Vosk has an idea. He takes his own stash of jewels and goes to the Acme warehouse. he asks the Manager for an N-Space Transitional Stabilizer. The Manager has one. It's a spendy device. But presented with the jewels, the Manager writes off the part as destroyed and pockets the jewels.

Vosk takes the part back.

That evening Sti Unke installs the part in the ship and once again the Ponderous is hyperspace capable.


The next morning, Chalmers calls and says he has a potential client for the Ponderous.

Chalmers arrives with his client, a thin dark haired man in an expensive suit. This is Jon Hampton. He is the son of incredibly wealthy financialists on Corscant. He is seeking a crew to help him find his missing Sister, Murriel.

Jon feels feels that Murriel may have left Coruscant, although his Mother, a strong willed woman doesn't take this idea seriously.
Jon is slightly drunk talking to the characters, but seems coherent.
Vosk calclates and asks for 35 gold per day plus expenses. Hampton agrees.

Elizabeth asks for a list of Murriels friends to start questioning.
Hamption points out that Mom has violent and professional detectives and mercenaries scouring Coruscant for Muriel.

Elizabeth wants to make sure they're on the "rescuers" list so "Steel Eagles Security" doesn't blast them to atoms and then claim any reward over their dead bodies.