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Thread: Jays current Star Wars Game

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    After Action Report 1-13-2007, 1-20-1008 and 2-3-2008

    Characters -
    Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain
    Lafe - Al'tair, a Cerean Healer.
    Broc - Josh Carson, a Jedi, veteran of the rebellion
    Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, a former Soldier [not present
    for these Sessions, Elizabeth stayed on the ship.]
    Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now
    working as the ship's business manager
    Kat - Koyi Doneeta, a Twilek Acrobat
    TOm - Willie Wilie, a human trick shooter master of

    The Ship - The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the
    exception that Sti Unke has added a set of quad laser

    NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech.

    NPC - Jon Hampton - Wealthy heir, searching for his
    sister with the help of the Ponderous crew.

    NPC - Madelia - an Alderaanian temple Jedi, travelling
    to train Al'Tair in the way of the Jedi, and to learn
    the ways of the Galaxy [Stayed on the ship]

    NPC - Zoe, Elizabeths new Store Boughten daughter.


    This AAR covers three sessions. I have been
    delinquent on doing these reports.

    Also all these sessions were short. We have a hard
    stop at 8:30 pm.

    We added two new players

    Kat - Playing Koyi Doneeta, a Twi’lek acrobat and
    tight-rope walker.

    Tom - Playing The Amazing Will Wiley, a Human
    raconteur and sharp shooter.

    + 0.5

    Both characters are survivors of a space going circus
    that was captured and consumed by the Castle of Karfek


    The original batch of PCs heads for the West Pole and
    finds a lobby with elevators.

    There are also partial war-bots welded to the walls.
    The PCs begin a fire fight against the droids.

    In level sub Alpha, Wiley and Koyi watch the PCs
    hoping to find rescue. Koyi and Wiley cut the power
    to the lobby, disabling all powered equipment in the

    Jason, Sti, Rutger and Al'Tair are suddenly in the
    dark, listening to huge banging crashes as the
    staircases in the fire escape plummet into the bowls
    of the station.

    (The Stairs were cut from the walls and then
    re-mounted using magnetic locks. At will Karfek Rom
    could cut the power and drop intruders to their

    The upper deck PCs, unaware that they have help elect
    to go to the administration center on Alpha deck,
    hoping to be able to unlock the docking bay doors.

    Easily avoiding traps and monsters, Koyi and Wiley
    effectively have the run of the station.


    Koyi and Wiley scavenge for a method to interface with
    the station systems and communicate with the upper
    deck PCs.

    All they can find is a Hello-Kitty pocket video game,
    so their messages to the PCs on the upper deck are
    seen as Hello-Kitty appearing on various screens and
    cutely announcing various warnings.

    The upper deck PCs disbelieve these warnings or find
    them too vague top be useful.

    After crossing a cinematic electricity trap, the
    Upper deck PCs find the Administration center's
    control center.

    After a good deal of discussion, Al'Tair uses the
    light saber loaned to him by Josh to cut through the
    locked door to the control center.

    Josh elects to try to cut through the bulkhead
    adjacent to the door. Josh cuts through the power
    feed to the control center, which explodes, injuring
    him, and cutting off power to the control center.

    After some effort, Al'Tair discovers that the door to
    the Admin Control center has been barricaded.

    The PCs cut through the blockage to find a dark
    control center and bodies.

    A previous adventuring group was pinned in the control
    center and would up dying of thirst, starvation and
    their wounds. The PCs loot the dead adventurers, but
    find their goal stymied by lack of power to the
    control center.

    Then the PCs find their own escape cut off.
    Security-Droids appear in the hallway and, although
    mangled by fire from the PCs the Security-Droids cut
    them off by spraying the corridor with a burning
    napalm like substance.

    The PC retreat into the control center, as heat and
    oxygen depletion begin to encroach.

    Koyi and Wiley know that the best route off the
    station lies with the PCs and the Ponderous and that
    they probably can't fly the Ponderous on their own.

    So, locating a sealed emergency exit, Koyi and Wiley
    begin firing their blasters into the exit door.

    Koyi and Wiley meet the PCs they link up on deck
    sub-alpha and flee.

    Escaping the fire, Rutger is pinned in a closing
    bulkhead door (These doors close automatically to seal
    off damaged areas in the station.)

    The PCs fight to manhandle the door open and free

    The PCs find a store room with emergency rations,
    medikits and other supplies for recovering from an

    As the PCs are about to dig into the emergency
    rations, Al'Tair spots subtle clues that the rations
    have been tampered with. Al'tair discovers that the
    emergency rations have been drugged.

    Utilizing improvised cooking tools, Al'Tair
    neutralizes the drugs and much of the taste and
    texture in the emergency rations and they are safely
    consumed by the PCs.


    The PCs puzzle about how to cut the power to the
    magnetic seal which holds them in the station.

    Koyi and Wiley know the main power generators are in
    level sub-beta, but they have not ventured there as
    the traps becomes increasingly dangerous and annoying.

    Sti wants to head for level sub-beta to try and cut
    power and free his ship.

    Koyi and Wiley lead the way.

    Part of the way there, the PCs happen into one of two
    anchor points for the accelerator rings that circle
    the exterior of the station.

    This is a tube which runs from delta level all the way
    out to the rings - effectively the traditional Star
    Wars bottomless pit with no safety rails.

    The door slams shut behind them and the walkway begins
    to retract. More, a huge fire ball ignites at the
    bottom of the shaft and begins rolling upwards towards
    the PCs.

    Wiley turns and casually hacks the lock, rolling a
    heroic 31 success. the door snaps open and the
    walkway returns to it's fully extended position.

    The PCs exit the shaft and close the doot just in time
    for the huge fire ball to roll up the shaft without

    Looking around, Rutger discovers a substation monitor
    with a terminal. With this terminal they have a
    chance to access the whole network of the station.

    Wiley sits down and triggers a trap in the keyboard.
    A pin pokes Wiley.

    Al'tair is unable to determine if the needle was
    poisoned so he treats Wiley as if he has just been

    Rutger sits down and rolls his own heroic success to
    hack the station systems.

    Rutger battles with Karfek Rom for control of the
    station network.

    Rutger turns off the magnetic seal on docking bay
    number two. Then rolling a second heroic success,
    Rutger scrambles Karfek Rom's inputs so when he tries
    to turn on system X he activates system Y instead.

    The PCs turn and pelt for Docking bay 2, while lights
    turn on and off and the fire sprinklers come on.

    Underneath the Docking bay, the PCs find a group of 20
    secrity bots who stand at attention as they approach.
    The ownership and authorization for giving orders has
    been turned off.

    Rutger hacks the Security bots and takes control of

    The PCs climb up through a semi hidden, semi
    barricaded access door in the service bay attached to
    the docking bay. Moving stealthily, the PCs find
    over 100 cyber zombies 4 Franks (Frankenstien
    monsters, referred to as Super Zombies earlier) and
    numerous security-bots.

    The Poderous, as per Sti's previous order is hovering
    out of reach of the Zombies and bots.

    The PCs decided to line up their 20 security bots and
    conduct a frontal assault to reach the Ponderous.

    [Game note - here we had a decision to make.
    Thumbnail the combat or play it out. We elected to
    thumbnail the combat. The PCs rolled a fort save
    versus a dc of 25. for every point they missed the DC
    by they got 1d6 of damage. The Players could earn
    bonus points for an exciting and detailed descriptions
    of their actions during the combat.]

    Rutger and Sti were pounded flat by the Cyber-Zombies,
    However Josh owned the combat, and Al'tair skated
    through without getting touched.

    Koyi danced and tumbled through the Cyber Zombies, not
    getting touched, either.

    Wiley shot and dodged his way to the ship.

    On the ship, Al'Tair roused Sti with force healing

    Josh took the upper quad cannon and blew out the
    Docking bay doors.

    A pain wracked Sti and his R2 piloted the Ponderous
    awat from the Castle of Karfek Rom in an explosion and
    a hail of cyber zombies, franks and security bots.

    the PCs entered hyper space and flew to Correlia.


    A day later, the PCs arrived at

    Landing on Corellia proved almost too much for the
    abused Ponderous. She landed in unflyable condition.

    Sti and the PCs went about negotiating a deal for the
    repair of their ship.

    This was an expensive proposition. The Ponderous needs
    a lot of work.

    In the end the PCs were able to negotiate a 1/2
    discount in exchange for their stolen air van, looted
    starship tools and access to the technical
    specifications of the Ponderous.

    Koyi and Wiley began searching for accommodations.
    Koyi is looking to exchange dancing for room and board
    but is disappointed at the reception.

    Corellia rules the Twi'lek homeworld with an Iron
    fist. Twi’leks and other non-humans are considered
    second class citizens on Corellia.

    Koyi has run into the prejudice and is not having fun.

    Madeline and Al'Tair go to the Jedi Temple on Corellia
    (Blue) and tell of their encounter with the monstrous
    Karfek Rom.

    The Jedi Temple is willing to put the crew of the
    Ponderous up as guests of Al'Tair, Madeline and Josh.

    Koyi and Willie do not like this idea.

    However, Jon Hampton is fascinated with the two
    circus people. He intends to help them find better
    accommodations, and learn their scandalous ways.

    There we ended for 02-03-2008

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    Holy Dang!

    I'll try to read all this this weekend.

    Looks good!
    "I'm afraid it is you who are mistaken. About a great, many things."

    "It is not the rules that make or break a game, it's the GM and the players."

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