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Han and Leia wicked!!?? No, they are not. In fact one thing that bothers me is that it is mentioned several times how much of a killer Han ISN'T!!! For those of you who feel strongly that Han did indeed shoot first.

Han and Leia for the most part are background characters. The story centers on their two kids, Jacen and Jaina, and Luke and Mara's son, Ben.

The Galactic Alliance is struggling to hold the galaxy together while Corellia is wanting to form its own naval fleet and does so in secret AND they are trying to bring Centerpoint station back online!

The Jedi Council, is struggling with its place in the Galaxy, since it doesn't want to be a participant in a war that they can't seem to avoid.

Jacen Solo feels it's his duty to bring peace to the galaxy, ala his grandfather Anakin.

Ben Skywalker is Jacen's apprentice and struggles with wanting to be a grown up and not recognized as a Skywalker and how dark his master, Jacen , is becoming.

Jaina feels her brother slipping to the dark side but is fearful to confront him about it.

A mysterious Sith lady has reappeared and is manipulating the events of the Galaxy.

So all in all it has a grey mood. Not everything is as it seems and the lines between right and wrong and justice and chaos are blurred.

I recommend them!
"Wicked" was a poor choice of words. My point of Han and Leia was based off of the '70's flick.

As i said, i havent read any of the books* and found myself having trouble buying books with those two characters on the cover. I know, i know, i have some kind of weird hang-up with those 2.

I did read the Sith book that took place right before Episode 1. I enjoyed it.