Just finished two Joe Haldeman books (Old Twentieth and A Separate War), read a John Ringo book (Ghost) on the recommendation from someone and it was fricking lame, had to put down a Harry Turtledove book (Alternate General's III) because I wasn't getting into it, am reading Tsathoggaga Cycle: Terror of the Toad God and one of the Man Kzin books (Man Kzin Wars XI) which is a sequel to Man Kzin Wars X: The Wunder Wars that I didn't know at the time.

Game book wise I'm reading Arsenal (SR4), Street Magic (SR4), Fistful o' Zombies (AFMBE), and Pulp Zombies (AFMBE).

Magazine wise I'm reading Rider, Motorcycle Consumer News, Back Street Choppers, and American Motorcyclist. I also pick up Sport Rider from time to time.