I decided that I'd like to be completely nosy and ask. So, what are you, the general posters of PnPgames.com, reading? (Yes, you! And no, manuals don't count! )

At the moment I'm reading simultaniously:~
Darkness and Light (Preludes 2; Dragonlance Saga)

Stone and Steel (Book 5, Preludes Dragonlance Saga.) Because I'm a doorknob of a kender, and got bored 5 pages into it and skipped over it to read book 6. Books 1-4 and 6 took me about a week to finish, nearly a book and half a day.

Dark Water by Koji Suzuki (Last of the Ring Cycle, I think?) I loved Ring and Spiral.I highly suggest Ring and Spiral-for those who like twisted suspense/paranormal. They're both more insane than all of the movies combined. I have both of them available on my bookcrossing shelf, if anyone would like to trade. I would also be up to doing a Book Spiral/Ray with all three once I was done with Dark Water.