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Thread: I wanna be a D&D Rockstar! -Participatory Thread

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    Talking I wanna be a D&D Rockstar! -Participatory Thread

    Hmm.....this needs to be a header for a warning that this thread is humorous and nobody should be going postal or rather lettting nerd fury overtake them when they read it.


    I will post it and then see...


    Alright, I can't be serious all the time. Sorry, just ain't gonna happen. So whoever would like to do a participatory camp song sing along feel free to join in.


    1) Read the forum rules on courtesy and respect
    2) Do not violate intellectual property laws
    3) Make up your own lyrics or repeat somebody elses but do NOT block quote other people's nonsense.

    -OK, if we all do that I think we could have some good clean fun.

    Now without further ado I will try to quote myself and start the show off.
    Last edited by Jonathan Kwiat; 03-12-2008 at 07:53 PM.

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