Just a brief announcement for those that may not have noticed. We have several new Play-by-Post games that have recently started up:
  • The Grey Lands
    In the aftermath of the Last War, the restless dead stalk the living while heroes fight to save the Light. This is a play by post campaign run by jroman using the campaign setting "All Flesh Must Be Eaten/Dungeons and Zombies." It should prove to be very interesting.
  • Anything Goes 16
    A play by post campaign run by nijineko. This laid back campaign is starting at 16th level and encourages creative and unusual character concepts that you've always wanted to try. Nijineko writes, "[T]he last time we played this, we had a gnomish barbarian bear warrior, a half-orc tattooed monk (can we say fast-ball special, boys and girls? we called it the cannon-bear shot in the campaign...), a human dervish (ginsu insanity), a dwarvish grappler-type, a human master of the unseen hand, and a human cleric (we called him speed-mace)." Based on the responses, this campaign might already be full, but it promises to be an entertaining read...
  • League of Wonders
    In 1889, Queen Victoria needed a force to battle new evils such as Jack the Ripper and the sorcerous Dr. Destiny, and she sent a call to such humans of wonder as she could reach... (A Gaslight Justice League, with PL 10 Mutants & Masterminds heroes). This is a play by post Mutants & Masterminds game run by Kipling.