Jacinth rushes to the large doors and shoves them shut. Despite their surprising mass, once in motion they swing shut quite rapidly, almost shooting from your grasp, seating home with an echoing boom. There is a plethora of discarded weaponry to shove into the bar-holds. The owners will not be needing them again. You note in passing that the bar holds are not of the same construction as the doors, and hope that it will all hold, wedging various polearms and swords through holds. The door twitches slightly, as if pushed upon. After a pause, and another weapon wedged, the door rattles with a boom; something heavy has impacted it with great force.

Shashakhad spots the bloodtroll wizard hiding in the angle behind the door. He cries out this information to all while attacking the bloodtroll in front of him. His attacks are not able to penetrate the armor and defenses of the bloodtroll, an irritating result.

((midnight: your actions are well thought out, but as sha specifically has higher init, his information would relieve you of the need for using the true seeing. however, he is unable to do anything about the wizard, so it would still be up to you. and disintegrate is a ray effect. needs a touch attack roll.

thus, i feel you should have a chance to use the part of your round spent on the true seeing differently. the bloodtroll is between you and the door, though you could use that 5' adjustment step to move due west one square and get a better shot around the troll. you would be aiming through the crack in the door, however, which is a very tight shot, aka high ac to hit.

in conclusion, i will need some clarification on your actions for the round. feel free to completely change your round's action if you feel it appropriate for her actions.))