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Thread: a WORLD OF POWER 1936: basic rpg system setting

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    a WORLD OF POWER 1936: basic rpg system setting

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    Hello Gamers
    Well I have decided to go ahead and useMutants and Masterminds. For one reason mostly its versatility itís a simpler d20 but with no classes or Levels
    Power level will be initially set at PP 5
    I have a few questions though for you AS THE Player and what you want for your character

    would you like to play a Native Earthling era 1936, or an Alien
    types of Aliens
    Lyonne: line men and women from old flesh Gordon cartoons
    Humini : similar to humans but more like Fantasy Dwarfs
    Faea : imagine humanoids that evolved from Wingless bird with higher cognitive ability , kind of like Dinosaur people but they have Elf or Vulcan like features.

    next if human Aka Earthlings
    you well need to have a reason to be in a region of the black forest.
    What is the Humans Occupation?
    Here is some ideal Ė lost German soldier, Poor forester, Runaway Orphan, hermit.
    An Adventurer, a Archeologist in search of the lost legion of Rome.

    if Alien all are primary Military secondary one of the four
    • Navigator<pilot>
    • Engineer
    • Technician
    • Medical/life sciences
    Decide your Abilities scores
    the primary characteristics are called abilities
    Strength <10-18
    Constitution <10-18
    Dexterity <10-18
    Intelligence <10-18
    Wisdom <10-18
    Charisma <10-18
    You can have some or a few Abilities below 10 but I figured most would not chose this but I am letting you know. Each point above ten cost 1 , total points on abilities 20
    all Aliens have some psionics talent
    ( choose one category and three selections from each catagory)
    - Mind control
    - mind shield
    - mind blast
    - left objects
    - blast
    -element control {earth-water-fire-wind-ice-heat}
    - electrical control
    - force field
    ` kenetic control

    - confuse
    -emotion control
    - nauseate
    -mind shield
    Extra sensory perception
    - clairvoyance
    - clairaudio
    - clair olfactory
    - clair tactile
    - astral form

    - jump < traditional teleport
    - time control
    - spatial control
    -space Travel
    -demensional pocket

    think about flaws or background as far as personal quirks and drawbacks.
    Dependents like family or closed love one for those who Earthlings.
    Emotional issue such as depression or Post Traumatic stress disorder
    Religious convictions
    Loyalty issues
    And so many more.

    Game date
    May 12 is the 132nd day of the year (133rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 233 days remaining until the end of the year.
    News worthy events

    [edit] March-April

    March 1: Hoover Dam is completed.

    Sunday march the 9th 3pm to 9 pmBasic role playing systemAlternate history Heroic
    1901 -1937
    as two Galactic civilizations Collide, two experimental vessels and crews survive the holocaust of an all out space battles and arrive on earth but scattering their equipment, energies and some personal though out the 36 year though a dilution in the time stream. thus alliterating the time continuum and finally dropping the player character, who are crew members in the year 1936.

    the time dilution and its energies have altered not only the Crews of the Space Vessels but also overloading specific laws of space and energy as well.

    this displacement has allowed the primary sentient species on earth to inherent a proto psychogenic abnormality thus producing a side effect that to most seem like super powers, not only in specific unique people of earth but also among the crews as well.

    things are about to get real weird, as the earth history is altered with Meta abilities appearing among earthlings and the Aliens who have brought there technology and war with them.
    this is a basic and first time ran campaign for mutants and master minds.
    first part of the campaign
    Transferrence 1936 begins this sunday
    contact the game master Chris House with mail if you want to generate and be ready for Sundays game
    or take a pre-generated character
    Host is ED CHASE
    Anne house is providing Spinach lasonnia and Pesto or Alfaro with salad
    and cookies for the game.
    bring owns drinks and an appetites to play
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    Mar 2007
    Dresden OH

    Sunday game other option Wildcards

    Thirty Minutes over Broadway The Beginning
    Tuesday Sept. 17 1946 2:45
    Location Manhattan NY NY

    Wild Cards

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Wild Cards is a science fiction and superhero anthology series set in a shared universe. The series was created by a group of New Mexico science fiction authors, and mostly edited by George R. R. Martin. There were 12 volumes published between 1987 and 1993 before it switched publishers, which released three new volumes between 1993 and 1995; a fourth appeared belatedly in 2002, and a fifth in early 2006.
    While most of the books are made up of individual short stories, they generally focus around a central theme or event. There were also several longer storylines which run through several of the books. Some volumes use the format of a mosaic novel. This involved several writers writing individual story lines which were then edited together into one novel length story. Finally, some volumes are a complete novel written by a single author.
    Wild Cards was inspired by superhero comics, and many of the authors play with the conventions of the medium, while some characters are based on existing heroes (for example, Jetboy was modeled on the Hillman Periodicals' character Airboy). Many of the original authors were also inspired by a long-running Albuquerque, New Mexico campaign of the role-playing game Superworld, gamemastered by George R. R. Martin, and many modeled their characters on their in-game persona. [1]
    Major contributors to the series include Roger Zelazny, Lewis Shiner, Melinda M. Snodgrass, Walter Jon Williams, Leanne C. Harper, Chris Claremont, Victor MilŠn, John J. Miller, and Martin himself.

    [edit] Setting

    The series relates an alternate history of the earth after World War II. In 1946 an alien virus that rewrites human DNA is accidentally unleashed in the skies over New York City. It kills 90 % of those who come into contact with it (referred to as 'drawing the Black Queen'). However, 9 % mutate into deformed creatures (known as 'Jokers') and 1 % gain superpowers (known as 'Aces'). There is also a class known as 'deuces' - Aces who have acquired useless or ridiculous powers, such as the ability to levitate up to two feet, or to grow bodily hair at will. The airborne virus eventually spreads all over the world, affecting tens of thousands.
    The Wild Cards universe is distinguished from most superherocomic book fiction by several thematic elements. Early on the authors decided to pursue a more realistic, or naturalistic approach to storytelling. Few of the Ace characters in Wild Cards have secret identities, or are traditional crime-fighting superheroes in the mold of Spider-Man or Batman. Wild Cards remained set within a recognizably real world with recognizably real people and pop culture and, because of the historical setting of many of the stories, had characters who aged realistically during the course of the series. The majority of Wild Card victims live in the run-down ghetto of Jokertown, while the fortunate Aces become glamorous celebrities. In addition, Wild Cards took a more graphic approach to violence, and particularly to sex, than most superhero stories do.

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