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Star Wars Saga House of Wookies
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Campaign Summary
Campaign Summary Genre: Space Opera
System Used: Star Wars Saga
Style: 50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
Current Players: 3
Desired # of Players: 6
Game Location City: Kenmore
State: NY
Zip Code / Postal Code: 14217
Country: United States
Game Times Frequency: Monthly
Days of Week: Friday
Online Game Details Online Game?: Yes
Online Software Used: skype
Additional Options Looking for Players?: Yes
Online Game

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Thread: Star Wars Saga House of Wookies

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    Feb 2008

    Star Wars Saga House of Wookies

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    Join a once a month original Star Wars campaign.

    We will play once a month on Friday nights at my house in Kenmore, NY though I am open to a couple of remote players via Skype.

    If interested e-mail me at barefoottourguide@yahoo.com subject: house of wookies

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    May 2008
    Fort Payne

    I am looking for an infrequent game to get into, this says you still have room for player. Is that still current?

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