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February 20, 2008: Rumors Of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3 Overheard At Tavern

The weird old guy at the tavern said there's more forgotten writings like those scrolls we found about heroes and dark pits. He's a wizard, so maybe he knows what he's talking about. Maybe.</p>

He says that this third one is called GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3: The Next Level . . . what language is that, anyway? To hear him tell it, it has secrets about creatures like coleopterans and infernals and ogres. Forbidden stuff like Psionics and Spell-Archery, and the powers of evil clerics. That kind of lore. Scary lore. If you believe him.</p>

I dunno, though. He looked pretty crazy. Said his name was "Kromm," and that this stuff was in an ice cavern up in Canada, or maybe down in a salt mine in Texas. Yeah, "Canada" and "Texas." After that, it's kind of hard to believe the rest, you know?</p>

-- Joe the Barbarian</p>